What this Website is about.

This site is the entry point to my blogs, Polymath and Wine, Seriously, as well as to our photo albums, which are largely for family and friends, though others are welcome to view them, of course. I also plan to write illustrated blogs about travels abroad with my wife, Vals Osborne--the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and other European countries that we've visited, as well as Mexico, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and especially Cuba, where I once lived for twelve years. (If I ever get around to scanning my slides of Japan, Turkey, and Morocco, I may add those as photo albums as well someday.)

Further down the road I intend to also create a Website for my company, Translation International, which will be about the different consulting fields in which I work, including translation/interpreting, computer database development and management, education, etc. For now, please peruse my Curriculum Vitae, which is to be found on either of my current blog sites.

http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/images/A_7/0/3/7/137307/056cbe33d21f4ef0b6ac82d47b712c6e.Large.jpg http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/images/A_7/0/3/7/137307/9c4ec7d48e7849e6ae977795184f9bb2.Large.jpg http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/images/A_7/0/3/7/137307/d0484c178f2740f7a79b14cbba6c1997.Large.jpg

Our Places and the Rivers that run by:

My wife, Vals Osborne, and I once divided our time between our home on the isle of Manhattan, which is bounded by the Hudson and East Rivers, and our country home upstate, which we get to by crossing the Hudson via the George Washington Bridge. Our upstate home is a farm near New Paltz and is located on the Wallkill River, a minor, North-flowing tributary of the Hudson, with 3/4 of a mile of river frontage running right past our farmhouse. We also have a very small, private island in the Ottawa River, in Canada, where the river is over two miles wide. These are the rivers that run by.

We have now moved to the farm permanently as of mid-June 2012. We shan't be abandoning NYC altogether, however, as the cultural life there will be a constant beacon for us, and a dear friend has kindly offered us a pied-à-terre in Manhattan for our occasional overnight stays.

For family and friends, we have photo albums to view and information about our lives. Also, if you wish to contact us, either send an email to me at JoseMML@riversrunby.net or to Vals at VOsborne@stribling.com.